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  • Application: SharePoint


The Central Administration content database is considered to be a configuration database. It stores all configuration data for the Central Administration site collection. If SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 is installed, the Central Administration content database also stores the Excel worksheets and PowerPivot data files used in the PowerPivot Management Dashboard.


Default name SharePoint_AdminContent_<GUID>
Recommended name SP_[ENV]_Content_CentralAdmin
Location Must be co-located with the Config database
Size Small
Initial Size 1GB
Growth Will grow if PowerPivot for SharePoint is installed with default settings
Read/Write 90:10
Scaling approach Up
Default recovery model Full
AlwaysOn AG Synchronous for HA Yes
AlwaysOn AG Asynchronous for DR No
DC to DC failover No

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