Tools: The SharePoint and VBA Code Analyser

Microsoft have released a tool to help developers move full trust SharePoint solutions to the the SharePoint 2013 App Model. The tool works by allowing a farm solution to be uploaded and analysed and the output to be downloaded by the developer.

SharePoint Tools: My Favourites

There are some great posts out there on sets of useful tools that are essential when working with SharePoint, chief among them is Tobias Zimmergren’s post Tools for your SharePoint 2013 development toolbox. Tobias’s post inspired my to do this post as I have also found some additional tools to be invaluable: Design Tools Balsamiq Read More

A Move to WordPress

I have recently moved my blog to WordPress.  As a SharePoint advocate this feels a little wrong: I should use SharePoint surely! I used to blog using WordPress and then when I got an Office 365 subscription I moved my blog to SharePoint Online.  I found the workarounds required to set up the public site Read More