Rename a Microsoft Team and the associated SharePoint site

There are many situations where a Teams site and the underlying SharePoint site may need to be renamed: Created in error Organisational restructure Introduction of naming policies This has been a challenging goal to achieve but it is now relatively straightforward when you combine the SharePoint and Teams PowerShell commandlets. Objective Starting with a SharePoint Read More

Ignite 2019 – Summary

This has been my 4th Ignite and I have to say, this year has been the best, not because of the announcements – there are always announcements – but because it has been building on what has been achieved over the last five years. One of my biggest complaints in previous years has been the Read More

Ignite 2019 – Day 1

Ignite never fails to delver a vast conference with an overwhelming amount of information!  And the scale of breakfast is awe-inspiring! Game Plan This year I am lucky enough to be attending with three colleagues which means we can be strategic about the sessions we attend.  While I am planning on attending a wide variety Read More