How Can I Manage Mobile Devices?

In this age of multiple, trusted operating systems running a variety of different devices, many users have preferences for specific tools to use. These preferences are usually based on familiarity with an operating system, the applications that are available on the operating system or the capabilities of the device. The result of this variety of Read More

SharePoint Databases Knowledge Base

SharePoint depends on databases for everything: without a healthy SQL Server installation, SharePoint will not work at all.  As part of it’s dependence on SQL Server, SharePoint creates multiple databases when it is installed and when new service applications are created, more databases are created and finally, SharePoint Administrator’s can create new databases to store Read More

Rename Network Adapters

Often, especially in virtual machines, when you try to rename a network adapter you get the message “Cannot rename this connection.  A connection with the name you specified already exists.  Specify a different name”.  This message indicates that there is a record for a network adapter that you cannot see in the “Network Manager”.  To Read More