Configuration Settings for Sharing in Microsoft 365

The ability to share content rather than send copies of content is one of the main benefits of Office 365.  There are many settings that need to be configured this ability and they are distributed through multiple interfaces.  This article documents the settings and their locations. It is fair to say that these settings would Read More

Looking Forward to Ignite 2020

First up, let’s get the disappointment out of the way: I’m really disappointed that I can’t meet up with people and network at Ignite. The benefits of speaking to attendees, vendors and Microsoft staff are immeasurable at the in person event. Also, it is far easier to avoid the inevitable distractions of work when you Read More

Cannot Add Web Parts

In SharePoint 2010 situations arise when the ability to add web parts to web part pages using the UI becomes impossible. In some situations, there will be JavaScript or other web parts that are executing incorrectly and throwing errors.  Once the errors are resolved then it should become possible to add the web parts. In Read More


When SharePoint is used for public facing websites, there are a lot of files and locations that should not be crawled by Search Engines.  Most Search Engines respect the rules defined in a special file called robots.txt to identify areas that should not be crawled. The Search Engines expect to find a robots.txt file at Read More

SQL Server for SharePoint–Best Practices

SQL Server has many configuration settings to allow it to be tailored and optimised for specific applications that depend on the databases being hosted. SharePoint is no different to many other applications in that it has particular configuration settings that are recommended, and in some cases, mandatory. SQL Server Installation Dedicated Server In testing and Read More