Chromium Edge – Create your own shortcuts

For years, Google Chrome has been my choice of browser when working with Office 365 environments as it has supported multiple personas that can have their own stored passwords, favourites, and bookmarks.  This has been invaluable when working with client environments as I can create a persona for a client, and then remove that persona Read More

Tools: The SharePoint and VBA Code Analyser

Microsoft have released a tool to help developers move full trust SharePoint solutions to the the SharePoint 2013 App Model. The tool works by allowing a farm solution to be uploaded and analysed and the output to be downloaded by the developer.

SharePoint Tools: My Favourites

There are some great posts out there on sets of useful tools that are essential when working with SharePoint, chief among them is Tobias Zimmergren’s post Tools for your SharePoint 2013 development toolbox. Tobias’s post inspired my to do this post as I have also found some additional tools to be invaluable: Design Tools Balsamiq Read More

Rename Network Adapters

Often, especially in virtual machines, when you try to rename a network adapter you get the message “Cannot rename this connection.  A connection with the name you specified already exists.  Specify a different name”.  This message indicates that there is a record for a network adapter that you cannot see in the “Network Manager”.  To Read More

Essential Tools: Port Query

One of th​​​e tools that I like to have on every server is Port Query. Port Query has been available as a free utility for many years. The purpose of this t​ool is to query ports using either TCP or UDP protocols. Under the hood it uses a simple command line application that talks to Read More