A Move to WordPress

8 Mar 2014 2-minute read Al Eardley

I have recently moved my blog to WordPress. As a SharePoint advocate this feels a little wrong: I should use SharePoint surely!

I used to blog using WordPress and then when I got an Office 365 subscription I moved my blog to SharePoint Online. I found the workarounds required to set up the public site of SharePoint Online confusing: Why would this not be a simple configuration?

Once set up, the SharePoint Online blogging experience rapidly started to show cracks:

  • I couldn’t use Live Writer to connect to SharePoint Online
  • The out of the box web parts are pretty uninspiring
  • Changing the published date does not change the the way post are displayed in the UI
  • There are not reports that show the types of statistics you want to see in relation to a blog, e.g. number of visitors, hits, referrals, etc.

Most of these issues are a result of SharePoint being a platform for a vast amount of functionality and a platform such as WordPress being focussed solely on blogging.

So, after two years I have decided to move back to WordPress as I do not want to spend time fixing faults with my blogging platform but instead spend more time creating new blog entries.

That said, I have not deserted Microsoft, in fact I am hosting my Wordpress site in Azure and using Office 365 to manage the DNS settings to point at this blog.

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