Office 365 and Azure - Most useful links

13 May 2016 One-minute read Al Eardley
AzureOffice 365

There are many links that I find myself going to over and over again for different elements of Office 365 and Azure


Technology URL
Office 365 Blog
Intune Blog
Azure Blog


For details of the developments that are in progress and being rolled out

Technology URL
Office 365 Blog
Cloud Platform Blog

URLs and IPs

Any client that needs Office 365 will ask sooner or later what they need to do to allow, or in some cases block, access.

Technology URL
Office 365 Link
Intune Link

Often, when dealing firewalls expect an IP range when opening access and the CIDR format that Microsoft provides isn’t compatible. If this is the case, then a tool such as can be perfect for converting CIDR to IP address ranges.


SharePoint Search REST API overview -

Query Refinement in SharePoint 2013 -

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