Carry out a Quick Poll in Microsoft Teams

18 Apr 2020 3-minute read Al Eardley
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is being used for a lot of meetings at the moment and depending on the number of attendees there are a few features that may be missing or not obvious to use.

Following on from a thread on a community forum I wanted to share the solution to a couple of features:

  • Raise Hand
  • Quick Poll

Raise Hand

This is a feature that is coming to Microsoft Teams. It is currently in technical preview (1 release away from being released into tenants with “First Release” selected).

The way that it will work is to have an extra option on the control bar of a meeting that allows your hand to be raised and lowered. This will then flag against the attendee list where each attendee with their hand raised will have a hand icon displayed next to them.

Quick Poll

This is a little used capability that is powered by Microsoft Forms.

The first step is to ensure Microsoft Forms is enabled in the Microsoft Teams environment.

Enable Microsoft Forms

Users with appropriate permissions to add App to Microsoft Teams will be able to carry out these steps:

  1. Click the “…” in the left rail

Screen shot of clicking the “…” button

  1. Enter “Forms” in to the “Find an App” search

Search for Forms

  1. Click “Forms”

Add Forms

  1. Click “Add”
  2. In the next screen click the “X” in the top right corner to close the dialogue screen

Use Microsoft Forms in a Chat or a Meeting

Microsoft Forms can now be used in a Conversation in Posts, or in relation to a meeting. To use Microsoft Forms to carry out a Quick Poll in a Teams Meeting follow these steps:

  1. Join the meeting
  2. Click “Show Conversations” from the tool bar in the meeting

Screen shot of Teams Meeting tool bar

  1. In the Meeting Chat panel, type “@F” and the list of options should contain “Forms”

Screen shot of typing @F into the chat

  1. Click on “Forms”

Screen shot of dialogue for creating a new poll

  1. In the dialogue, there is the option to enter a question, and then to enter different options
  2. If you enter certain question, possible answers will be suggested

Screen shot of suggested answers

  1. You can allow your respondents to select multiple answers, but other than that there is nothing else that can be changed
  2. When you are ready, click “Next”
  3. A preview of the card that will be posted into the chat is displayed
  4. If you are happy with it, click “Send”
  5. The poll will be visible to all participants in the chat window

Screen shot of a meeting poll published to a chat

  1. When the participant selects a response and submits thier vote, the results will update automatically

Screen shot of answers

  1. After the meeting ends the chat will remain and will contain the results of the poll

Screen shot of chat after the meeting has ended


That is a very quick introduction to using Microsoft Forms within a Microsoft Teams meeting to carry out a Quick Poll.

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